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Esoteric Ray Oil Products:

What is Esoteric Ray Oil?

Esoteric Ray Oils were created to support you in your healing process. Each Oil is blended with essencial oil and a flower or gem essence to bring forth the fullest quality of the Rays.

How to use Esoteric Ray Oil: 

Once or twice a day, remove the cap from oil bottle. Cover the top of the bottle with your finger tip and shake gently. Remove finger. Block one side of your nose and inhale into the open nostril, deeply and slowly. Repeat changing nostrils. Apply the remainder of the oil from your finger into your left palm using a clockwise motion. When using more than one oil, it is best to use a different finger so you don't mix them. 

Ray 1 Oil ~ Crown and Atmic Centers

5/8 dram bottle - $10.00

Supports the Crown Center and all areas that Ray 1 govern; the brain, eyes, spleen and nervous system. Jasmine Oil is used along with Star Jasmine Flower Essence. These two in a beautiful blend support the Sacral and Basic Centers bringing in the vibrations of Ray 1 "Will and Power" into these areas.

Ray 2 Oil ~ Heart and Buddhic Centers

5/8 dram bottle - $10.00

This Ray Oil is blended with Rose Oil and Angelic Bouquet Flower Essence (Angelic Bouquet is an essence made from various roses). This blend helps one with self acceptance and unconditional love. Supports one in keeping the heart center open and healing of all heart issues. This oil brings in the vibrations of Ray 2 "Love and Wisdom".

Ray 3 Oil ~ Throat and Manasic Centers

5/8 dram bottle - $10.00

Ray 3 is blended with Chamomile Oil and Chamomile Flower Essence to bring support in all areas governed by Ray 3 and 9. This includes nerve structure and the Alta Major. Balances the energies and and enhances the use of Ray 3 for each individual. This oils brings in the vibration of Ray 3 "Active Intelligence"

Ray 4 Oil ~ Ajna

5/8 dram bottle - $10.00

Lavender Oil and Lavender Flower Essence are blended to with Ray 4 to activate the Ajna, Pituitary Gland and all related Ray 4 areas. The Lavender in the oil and flower essence balance the entire body while the supporting the Ajna Center to balance the entire energy body. Lavender supports one in either stimulating or calming depending on the individuals need.

Ray 5 Oil ~ Sacral Center

5/8 dram bottle - $10.00

The blending of Aniseed Oil and Essence along with Clary Sage balances all energies governed by Ray 5. It supports an individual in releasing deep emotions associated with the Sacral Center which include relationship issues.

Ray 2/6 Oil ~ Heart Center and Solar Plexus

5/8 dram bottle - $10.00

Melissa Oil has been blended with Bleeding Heart Essence. These two blended together along with Ray 2 and 6 supports an individual in treating grief due to loss. All kinds of loss is helped. This oil helps move the emotions from the Solar Plexus Center up to the Heart Center where one can look with love and understanding upon an issue and therefore release it.

Ray 6/7 Oil ~ Solar Plexus and Basic Center

5/8 dram bottle - $10.00

This beautiful oil is blended with Vetivert Oil and Petrified Sequoia Essence. This supports the individual in grounding and assisting in releasing deep tensions, shock and the desire to lift out of the body. This oil will help a person stay in their body when they seem to disassociate from it. This is very good for healing work with childhood abuse. The person can stay in their body while the healing is being done.

Ray 8 Oil ~ Causal Body Center

5/8 dram bottle - $10.00

Neroli Oil blended with Shambhala Crystal Essence balances and enhances an individuals Soul Light energy. It supports one to release blocks so one can open the Soul to better allow spiritual energies to flow through. The Soul Light is the bridge that helps one align with higher centers and allows these higher energies to flow into the personality level of the being.

Ray 12 Oil~ Monad and Earth Star

5/8 dram bottle - $10.00

Angelica Oil and Angelica Flower Essence blends to support an individual to connect with the Monad and the Earth Star. It has been described as a feeling of "being home" and that the aura is being filled with light and surrounded with love. There may be felt an angelic presence. Use this oil when feeling distressed and alone. Ray 12 has a grounding effect in the spiritual realm where Ray 6/7 is in the emotional/physical.

Clary Sage Oil ~ Ray Blend

5/8 dram bottle - $10.00

Point below the Solar Plexus Clary Sage combined with Calendula Flower Essence calms the Point below the Solar Plexus Center which is the seat of subconscious emotions. This oil may be used for deep or subconscious emotions that involve any area of the body.

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