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Spirit Calling

Welcome to Spirit Calling!

Most of the flowers and plants that have become essences on this website are grown in my own yard. Everything is grown organically but most of all, they are grown and nurtured with love.

There are a few of the essences such as the White Yarrow and Queen Anne’s Lace that were made at my friend Maureen’s cottage. They were growing wild in her yard! What a pleasure it was to have a relaxing weekend with a long time friend and have such beautiful flowers calling to me to make an essence. The joy I felt in making these essences gives me the hope of making other essences in the wild in the future.

Each beautiful flower, plant, gemstone or rock has their own spirit, personality and intelligence that they love to share with us. You will find a short definition of the quality of each essence in this catalog. Use these terms to help find an essence that will support you with a particular issue whether mental, emotional, spiritual or even a physical symptom. 

My hope for each of you is that you will enjoy your healing journey with your essences and other products as much as I have enjoyed the honor of making them.

With love and blessings of healing, Linda