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Spirit Calling

 Welcome to Spirit Calling!

Embraces, embodies and breathes Reiki Energy. Spirit Calling invites you to discover harmony within yourself and your environment.

Children of the earth in playful demonstration. Glide through the daisies that dance in the sun. Skipping joyfully with giggles and joy, planting the colors of red, yellow and blue. Magically orchestrating the days' new arrivals, as calendula and bee balm rise from earths warmth. Lending to all of us Mother Earth's creations. Planting and sowing the new days' rewards. Blessings abound if we just take notice, and open our hearts to receive! - Linda Skiba

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About and How To Use Essence

Flower, Plant, Tree and Gem Essences are subtle liquid extracts that are generally taken orally. They are used to assist in emotional well being, mind/body health and soul development. They help the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual parts of each of us.

About Reiki Energy

Reiki is one of the greatest gifts that you can give yourself. It is about love and balance. When we have love and balance we are empowered.