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Spirit Calling

Liquid Smudge Product:

What is Liquid Smudge?

Based on an ancient formula used for centuries by many indigenous cultures to purify themselves and their sacred spaces, now it is available in a new form, for healers and for anyone who wishes to clear their aura or their space. Liquid Smudge is used by many healthcare practitioners when burning sacred sage is not conducive. This clearing and purification spray will help clear your auric field, home, office and work place. You can use it anywhere. Enhances your Reiki Energy. Click here to learn more about Reiki Energy

How to use Liquid Smudge: 

Once or twice a day, remove the cap from oil bottle. Cover the top of the bottle with your finger tip and shake gently. Remove finger. Block one side of your nose and inhale into the open nostril, deeply and slowly. Repeat changing nostrils. Apply the remainder of the oil from your finger into your left palm using a clockwise motion. When using more than one oil, it is best to use a different finger so you don't mix them. 

Liquid Smudge

4 oz bottle - $18.00

This liquid botanical blend consisting of sacred herbs helps to immediately clear and purify the auric field along with clearing rooms